Fundraiser Ideas For Schools – These Are The Most Popular Fundraisers These Days

There is a plethora of nonprofit fundraising ideas that work. The success of any fundraiser is dependent upon several factors. Your donor base must be strong. This means you need a large donor base and a significant portion who give large gifts. If you do not have a strong donor base, your fundraiser must be of great interest to the general public. A strong fundraising professional or volunteer must be in charge of your fundraiser.

Silent auctions are practically money in the fundraising golf tournaments bank. Send letters to businesses in your community asking them to donate a product or service for your auction. Set a deadline to receive donations. Once you have all the donated items, start combing products and services into unique auction packages. Estimate the value of each package and establish a minimum bind. If the value of a package is $550, set the minimum bid at $200. Determine bid increments. If the bid increment is $10, the minimum allowable bid after $200 is $210. Add an on-line auction component to your fundraiser. Include the auction on your website or other auction sites.

Consider a golf fundraiser if you have a strong donor base. Host your golf outing at a private country club. Ask you board members for the use of their club. In addition to participation fees, sell raffle tickets for a 50/50 raffle. The winner of this type of raffle receives half of the money raised through the raffle. The other half goes to your agency.

Another nonprofit fundraising idea is a wine tasting party. Sell tickets to the wine tasting. Have auction items available for a silent auction. This type of fundraiser is particularly popular among young professionals. It is a fun way to meet other people with similar interests while raising money for a good cause.

Join forces with another nonprofit. Hold a joint fundraiser. Select a nonprofit with a compatible, but not competitive, mission. For example, you both serve the same client base but in different ways. You both serve clients with mental illness. You focus on housing and the other nonprofit provides counseling services. This is a great way to raise awareness while raising funds.

There are many nonprofit fundraising ideas that can successfully raise money for your nonprofit. Research what other nonprofits in your community are doing as fundraisers. Select a fundraiser nobody else is doing and watch donations and supporters increase!