iPhone 4 App Development: Top 5 Crazy, Wacky, And Weird Apps For Your iPhone 4

IPhone four is filled with stunning features, and the combination of the iPhone four and the iOS four made it feasible for an iPhone OS four developer to create exceptional apps. This yr, iPhone 4 app development has given us celebrated recreation apps like Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja; travelling apps like Kayak and Google Earth; enjoyment apps like Kindle and NetFlix; social apps like Skype and Twitter; tune apps like Pandora and SoundHound; and way of life apps like Mint and Lose It.

But whilst maximum programmers and businesses focus on growing an app that fulfills a few crucial want, there may be usually a few or different iPhone OS app developer who wants to make complete use of use of all the superior functions of the brand new iPhone four and the iOS four to create apps that serve no real purpose. The end result is an insane utility that no one care approximately. Or, in uncommon case, a lucky iPhone OS 4 developer comes up with a crazy app that unearths favor with hundreds of thousands of telephone customers. Lets check 5 of the craziest, most weird and wackiest effects of iPhone 4 app improvement 2011.

You don’t need to buy a doll to remotely spoil havoc upon minecraft apk download your enemies: iVooDoo permits you to select between exceptional varieties of doll and pins. Name the doll and stick pins in it!

Honey It’s Me!
This app objectives lonely men, and it could be argued that this app fulfills an important need – if what you need is a virtual female friend calling you up with sweet recorded messages. You will see the video of a Korean model who will ask you about your day, what you ate and other stuff. It is supposed to make you feel much less lonely! Good good fortune.

Kiss Me
This is the correct app for people who love their iPhones. Download this app and you have the best excuse for kissing your iPhone. Kiss the screen and the app will price your kiss!

If you like to throw your pricey iPhone in the air and seize it, this app is for you. It has simple policies: you throw the app in reality excessive, and the app will file the ‘dangle time’. It makes use of the superior accelerometer to discover how long your mobile hung in the air.

Hold The Button
This is perhaps the maximum uninteresting ‘recreation’ app ever. One wonders whether or not the iPhone OS four developer who created this app is an idiot or a genius. All you’re supposed to do is activate the app and press your iPhone display for a very long time. The time of your ‘maintain’ could be registered and you could compare it the time registered through other on line customers!